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Tip: enter the city or post code in where the box to show results in your area. Oil Rig jobs you are in great physical condition, looking for an adventure and a job where potential earnings are high? There are more than a few people around the world who are looking for a job that combines all of these elements. But Interestingly, the number of people seeking jobs oil production — particularly on the onshore and offshore oil rigs,--is not enough to fill the demand. Most entry-level jobs in the oil industry is in the production of oil. In General, oil production is the process of drilling and extracting petroleum from below ground tanks (or underwater). World oil production takes place both onshore and offshore. There is a good chance that you've noticed oil platforms off the coast of California or in the Gulf of Mexico-or elsewhere in the world. In the waters of u.s.-controlled, thousands of oil rigs is floating or attached to the ocean floor off the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Many of these platforms are enormous multiple structures drilling platforms and home workers. Find high paying oil and Gas jobs &! Start your search today! Although some of the platforms can be moved, they are, for the most part, as steel Islands self-sufficient, with helicopter pads. Once drilled, oil and gas are delivered through platforms sealines refineries located in Gulf States, primarily in Texas and Louisiana. Find a job on an oil Rig today part of OilJobFinder oil production includes a long question-and-answer section. Provides basic information for those who have little or no prior knowledge of offshore oil exploration and production (E P &), including the types of jobs that do not require any education, youth sector research to replace its aging work force, and more. Do you know the answers to the following questions? As you know companies where to look for oil and gas? How does the exploratory drilling process? Once oil and/or gas are found, how they are produced? How does drilling equipment work? What types of jobs exist on platforms exist for people without College degrees? What are working conditions like an onshore rig? What are working conditions like an offshore rig? Well how are opportunities for younger, inexperienced workers? What is the best way to start looking for a location and P &? What has been done to protect the personal safety of equipment and rig workers? What has been done to protect the environment from oil spills from offshore platforms and other pollution associated with the production of oil and gas? We provide detailed answers to all these questions and carefully detail the kinds of jobs found on most oil rigs: cafone, Lions, motorhands, derrickhands, rotary drill rig operators and managers. You have come to the right place to offshore oil rig jobs california start your search for an oil rig job. Once you are a member of OilJobFinder you can search our job centre advertised jobs with all major employers and also read our in-depth material. Start your job search today!Use OilJobFinder to help your find your dream job. There are thousands of open jobs now. Click the button below to begin your job search.   Now, get a job!. .